Customer Interaction

Customer Interaction

Reviews really matter.

A large part of a customer’s decision-making process is reviews and photos of your business. Reviews impact the trustworthiness of your brand and, ultimately, your success. They have a significant influence on whether a potential customer chooses you over a competitor your reputation is based on the quantity, quality and average star ratings of reviews.

People make quick decisions online.

When a potential customer researches your business online, they want to read about people’s experiences, look at photos they posted and check the average star rating.

If you see a business with hundreds of reviews and 4.5 star rating, you know the owners are good at what they do.

When a business does not reply to negative reviews, it is a major red flag for potential customers. It suggests the bad review is accurate, that the business does not care enough about it to respond, or both.

Frequent reviews being posted and replied to is excellent for building trust. It is also beneficial for SEO. We can help you get more reviews, including on review-rich sites such as Google and Facebook.

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Our Process

Our team replies to reviews on a client’s behalf in a polite, understanding and professional manner.

We provide highly diverse and individualised responses, personalising them to the customer who wrote the review. If there has been a bad review, we consult with the business concerning what has happened and how we are going to deal with it in the best possible way.

Interacting on Social Media

Responding in a timely fashion to messages and comments on social media is another excellent way to demonstrate your professionalism. Most customers expect a response within four hours, but few businesses deliver on this. An active social media team can differentiate you from your competition, as well add necessary personality to your accounts. We respond promptly to all queries on your social accounts in a friendly and personable manner.

A well tailored Social Media is important

 As an international agency, we believe strongly in the benefits of localized content for international businesses.

Our social media strategy involves creating profiles for each country a business operates in. We then create content tailored to the region and written in the local language by native speakers. This philosophy extends to our approach to customer interaction. Our multilingual team responds to your customers’ online queries in their native languages.

Putting in the effort to offer localised customer service demonstrates to your customers around the globe that you are truly committed to serving their specific region.


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