SEO Case Study

Moyo Hair & Beauty

Dublin City Centre | www.

Jan 2020 – Present


What we did:

Website Optimization

Optimised every page on their website with keywords related to what Moyo does best.

Improve Google ranking

Put into practice our link-building strategy, listing Moyo’s website on several high authority platforms, improving their Google rankings many months after the website was launched.

Keyword optimization

Published blog articles optimised with keywords to make them easier to find online.


In under 6 months, Moyo was ranking in the top 3 search results for several keywords that were bringing more and more clients to the salon each month!

Google Maps Results

  • #3

    Hair salon in Dublin - 3
  • #3

    Hairdresser in Dublin - 3
  • #4

    Hairdressers in Dublin - 4
  • #1

    Sustainable salon in Dublin - 1
  • #1

    Vegan Aveda hair products Dublin - 1
  • #1

    Aveda products in Ireland - 1
  • #1

    Where to buy Aveda products in Dublin? - 1
  • #1

    Aveda salon in Dublin - 2
  • #2

    Aveda salon in Dublin - 2
  • #1

    Sustainable salon in Dublin - 1
  • #1

    Eco friendly salon in Dublin - 1
  • #2

    Hair salon in Ireland - 2
  • #4

    Hairdressers in Dublin - 4
  • #6

    Aveda salon in Ireland - 6

How did we do it?

After learning what keywords Moyo needed to be found for, we kicked off our SEO strategy to get them up the Google rankings in Dublin, starting by optimising the whole website with those keywords. We also wrote useful blog articles filled with strong keywords about what Moyo offers.

Month 1
Getting Started

Created a marketing plan for SEO & social media

Month 2
First Steps

Started seeing an increase in ranking for major keywords (“hair salon in Dublin” & “hairdresser in Dublin”)

Month 3
Seeing Results

Jumped 15-20 places for both target keywords into top 15 results

Month 5
Levelling Up

Jumped up to top 3-5 on Google ranking for both “hair salon in Dublin” and “hairdresser in Dublin”

Month 6
Top 3

Ranking top 3 for both keywords, so we started focusing on the other keywords

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